New Book will be soon available

Here is the Cover – Platinum as Signal for the
Innovation Price Winner In-Memory/HANA in 2012!

2 thoughts on “New Book will be soon available

  1. Hi Alexander,

    I really enjoyed the first version of the book. Especially the ease of access to the in-memory vision in the third part was very convincing. Can you elaborate on the major changes, that are part of the second edition?


    P. Enis

    • HI Paul,

      good to hear that you like the book.

      The new content in the extended Book Edition “In-Memory Data Management” by Plattner, Zeier with the new Book Subtitle “Technoloy and Applications” (to point out “In-Memory Applications” more already in the subtitle) targets the development and deployment of data-intensive applications that are designed for leveraging the
      capabilities of in-memory database systems. Among other new content, we introduces an in-memory application programming model that includes
      the most important aspects and guidelines for developing in-memory
      applications. To ease the tasks of application developers and database administrators,
      we discuss the graphical creation of database views. Finally, we also elaborate on new features on application level through the combination of data analytics and text search and by presenting two industry case studies Charite and Hilti.

      I hope this answer your question?

      Best Alexander

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