Focus of new extented Book Edition “In-Memory Data Mangement – Technology and Applications”


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The new content in the extended Book Edition “In-Memory Data Management” by Hasso Plattner and Alexander Zeier with the new Book Subtitle “Technology and Applications” (to point out the “In-Memory Application Focus” already in the subtitle) targets the development and deployment of data-intensive applications that are designed for leveraging the capabilities of in-memory database systems. Among other new content, we introduces an in-memory application programming model that includes the most important aspects and guidelines for developing in-memory applications. To ease the tasks of application developers and database administrators, we discuss the graphical creation of database views. Finally, we also elaborate on new features on application level  through the combination of data analytics and text search  and by presenting two new industry case studies Charite (HANA Oncolyzer,  new App which combines structured and unstructured Data) and Hilti.

3 thoughts on “Focus of new extented Book Edition “In-Memory Data Mangement – Technology and Applications”

  1. Hallo Herr Dr. Zeier,

    mit grosser Freude habe ich die erste Version von Ihrem Buch gelesen und bin schon auf die zweite Auflage gespannt.

    Vielleicht sehen wir uns ja auf der SAPPHIRE!

    • Hello Mr Tzibert,

      good to hear that you enjoyed so much the first version of the book. The new book is updated and extended for the important field of In-Memory Application Development. You can read it now also on iPad and Kindle.

      I will be the next few weeks more in Cambridge at MIT, have no plans for Sapphire.

      Best Alexander

  2. Prof. Zeier,

    I am a Senior Business Intelligence Consultant working at an SAP partner company. I’d like to understand more about SAP’s HANA offering. Will you be available at SAPPHIRE for consultation?


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