Charite CEO Quote Prof. Einhäupl to new Edition of In-Memory Book by Plattner & Zeier

Personalized health care requires the combination of distributed medical data. In-memory technology enables us to analyze millions of patient records within a second and allows us to devise therapies even closer to the patients individual needs than ever before.

Prof. Einhäupl (CEO, Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin, Germany)


German Edition Early June of “In-Memory Data Management – An Inflection Point for Enterprise Applications”

First German Version at all will be available in June by Gabler/Springer:

Based on the Demand from German Companies for a German Version for their Employees, the translation of the First Version of the Book was initiated. A Translation is alway a time-consuming process and needed to get high quality.

The German Version will be first published at the In-Memory Conference early June.



New In-Memory Book foc. on Applications now on iPad for download

New extended Book Edition “In-Memory Data Management -Technology and Applications” by Hasso Plattner and Alexander Zeier, focusing on innovative In-Memory Applications Development,  is now available as printed book at amazon or also on itunes store for iPad for download.


Check out this book on the iBookstore:

In-Memory Data Management
Hasso Plattner & Alexander Zeier

Preview-Quote for new Book by CEO of leading Online Games Company with around 300 mio Users

It rarely happens that an emerging new technology can be seen as a “game changer” for a whole industry. But I think this is the case when it comes to in-memory database systems. Tasks which took hours or days can now be executed in seconds which is the technical foundation for establishing completely new business ideas. It dramatically speeds up the execution time of data analytics and thereby creates a much greater experience for the end user on our Bigpoint Gaming Platform. The book “In-Memory Data Management – Technology and Applications” from Hasso Plattner and Alexander Zeier describes not only the technical foundations but also the implications for new exciting applications.

Heiko Hubertz (CEO and Founder, Bigpoint GmbH, Hamburg, Germany / Bigpoint Inc., San Francisco, USA)

Preview-Quote for new In-Memory Book Edition by CIO Allianz, Dr. Schneider


Being IT savvy and leveraging advances in Information Technology is the most important competitive advantage in today’s business world. I see in-memory technology as described in the book In-Memory Data Management – Technology and Applications from Plattner and Zeier as one of the most important innovations in the field of IT. The value for the economy as a whole far outweighs the effort of adapting the applications to this new standard. It dramatically speeds up the execution time of business processes, it allows for significantly more detailed and real-time data analytics and thereby creates a much greater experience for the end user. It brings business computing to a level where it is absolutely snappy and fun to work with.

Dr. Ralf Schneider (CIO Allianz, Munich, Germany)


Focus of new extented Book Edition “In-Memory Data Mangement – Technology and Applications”


You can Pre-Order the new Book now at Amazon,  click here !

The new content in the extended Book Edition “In-Memory Data Management” by Hasso Plattner and Alexander Zeier with the new Book Subtitle “Technology and Applications” (to point out the “In-Memory Application Focus” already in the subtitle) targets the development and deployment of data-intensive applications that are designed for leveraging the capabilities of in-memory database systems. Among other new content, we introduces an in-memory application programming model that includes the most important aspects and guidelines for developing in-memory applications. To ease the tasks of application developers and database administrators, we discuss the graphical creation of database views. Finally, we also elaborate on new features on application level  through the combination of data analytics and text search  and by presenting two new industry case studies Charite (HANA Oncolyzer,  new App which combines structured and unstructured Data) and Hilti.

Power of Collaborative Economy – Zipcar CEO

Impressive Keynote at MIT by Zipcar founder and former CEO Robin Chase, Key for Success is using Open Capacity in any Field. Take exzess capacity + plattform: Collaborative Economy – People thrive at the Center . Smartphone have excess capacitiy, too.


Many Excited Students line up to ask Robin Questions, different than in Germany.


New Book will be soon available

Here is the Cover – Platinum as Signal for the
Innovation Price Winner In-Memory/HANA in 2012!